Time to think about closing your pool!

Yes, it’s hot out right now, but fall is right around the corner, and your pool needs to be winterized.

There are plenty of methods to winterizing the pool – the thing to remember is:  Keep extra weight off of the winter cover!  Too much rain, snow or ice will weigh the cover down, and it will either rip at the seams or pull your wall inwards.  It’s a disaster that can be avoided.

Make sure to use a pool pillow.  Securing the pillow in the center of the pool will assure that all moisture rolls down towards the edges of the cover, making it easier for you to clear it off.

Make sure the cover is in good condition.  Duct tape over a rip or hole won’t make it through the winter – it’s better to buy a new cover than all the chemicals you’ll need to use in spring to bring the water back to clear.

Make sure to winterize the filter system, as well.  This means draining the filter tank, removing the head from the sand filter, taking the pump motor and head indoors, and lubricating all your fittings, gaskets and o-rings.

If you need help, call or email us!  We’ll mail you a brochure that describes our services, and you can decide whether or not you want our help.

We close pools from Labor Day until mid-October.  Many customers ask us to close and open one time so they get a feel for it; others have us close and open every year.  Either way, you’ll be glad we closed it when we open it next year!

swimming pool in winter

Snow and ice can ruin your pool!

Pool Project FAQs

We’ve gotten a lot of similar questions from customers, and wanted to share some information with all of you who are looking to have above-ground pool work performed this summer:

What’s your time frame?  We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature, so until she presents us with several days of hot, dry weather, we cannot begin digging and installing new pools.  Normally, we’ll begin new installations at the end of May or early June.  We have plenty of availability because we plan jobs very carefully.  No one will be waiting until the end of July for their pool or liner, even if it’s delivered in June, as long as the weather cooperates!

If it’s a liner project, we’ll be able to get to that sooner, since we don’t have to excavate.  We’ve been able to install some liners already, and are looking to get more installed just after Easter, when it looks like we might have a few warm, sunny days.

If it’s a replacement pool, those usually get started shortly after the liners start.  So, very soon!

Can I get on the schedule?  We don’t put anyone on the schedule until their pools or liners have been delivered.  We ran into problems with that last summer, and we don’t want to repeat that problem.  Unfortunately, our customers are at the mercy of their vendors, who are probably waiting on products to arrive from manufacturers.

It’s important that you contact us when your pool or liner delivers, so that we can get you scheduled asap – it’s a good idea to have us quote the project and walk through the process with you ahead of time.

Where can I find a pool or a liner?  Everyone seems to be out of stock!   We’ve been doing some online research, and have come across some pool and liner distributors that still have products.  If you’ll call or email us, we’ll share what we can with you.

We want you to enjoy your summer, and we hope this information helps you plan your project!

The Cicadas Are Coming!

That’s right – this is the big year for Brood X Cicadas!  Brood X are the cicadas that come out every 17 years, and we can expect billions of these buzzing, flying creatures to arrive in Mid-May and last through June.

Cicadas are attracted to buzzing, vibrating noises, such as your pool filter, which means they’ll be around the pool.  We recommend purchasing a leaf net for your pool.  It will cover the water surface and also protect the skimmer and return from getting clogged up with cicadas.  You can find leaf nets online or at your local pool supply store.

Another good reason for a leaf net cover is the helicopters or whirlybirds that are released from maple trees.  It’s easy to pull the leaf net off the pool and hose it down weekly until Mother Nature quits raining on our swimming season.

Leaf nets are also great over your winter cover.  They’ll catch all the leaves and debris from fall and winter, and you can pull the leaf net off the pool cover before opening your pool next spring.  All in all, a good investment and less pool maintenance for you!



What a great year for a pool!

Whether it’s for you, your kids or your grandkids, this is going to be a great year to have a pool in your backyard!

We don’t sell pools, but we’re happy to talk with you about different brands, and what we recommend for your yard.  We also want to give you the big picture:  next to purchasing a pool, what are your other expenses going to be?

Your best bet is to have us come out to perform a site survey.  We can help you decide upon a good size and location for your pool.  It helps if you have already contacted your city to find out regulations regarding an above-ground pool.

Before you buy your pool, shop around and see what appeals to you.  What will work in your yard?  Are you thinking about adding a deck at a later date?  Are you considering a salt-water pool?

There are several local above-ground pool distributors; there are several online distributors, as well.  You’ll have quite a selection to choose from right now, but BEWARE!  THERE WILL BE A POOL AND POOL LINER SHORTAGE AGAIN THIS YEAR!  Don’t wait too long to make your purchase.

We’re scheduling site surveys now; it’s a good time to get on that list.  Call or email us for more information.

It’s going to be a Great Summer!!

It’s Official! Pool Season 2021 has begun!

As promised, our office is open, and we’re raring to go!  We’ll be scheduling site surveys, to be performed over the next few weeks; our pool openings will begin in late March/early April.

Speaking of pool openings, now is the time for everyone to get that excess water off the winter cover – after all the snow and rain, those covers may be carrying way too much weight!  When there’s too much weight on the cover, it will start pulling the sides of the pool inward – that can cause a lot of structural damage down the road.

If you have a submersible pump, make sure you keep an eye on it.  If you just lay it on the cover and walk away, it can easily suck the water right through the winter cover and drain the pool.  You should check it frequently for that, and make sure leaves and debris aren’t clogging it.

Remember to keep 4″ to 6″ of water on the cover – we don’t want wind to get under it.  Wind can also cause structural damage by literally moving the pool or pulling the top seats and top caps upwards.

If you haven’t scheduled your pool opening yet, please give us a call or shoot us an email for a quote.  We’re fully booked after April 26, 2021 (we only open pools until early May), but we still have spots available for late March through mid-April.


If you have questions regarding your above-ground pool, please feel free to email usvia the CONTACT US tab on our website.  Your questions may also be subjects for future blogs, plus, we’d like to know what you need to know.  We’re here to help you enjoy the summer!

The first day of spring

The first day of spring is less than a month away, and we’re already getting requests for pool and liner installation quotes. We’re so happy our solid reputation is leading people to us – we’ve tried hard over the past 32 years to live up to our name.

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